The primary benefit of IMAA membership is of course the IMAA Annual Seminar, which is held every year on the Friday before Thanksgiving. The Annual Seminar is open to IMAA members and non-members alike, and offers municipal law practitioners the opportunity to obtain CLE credits, including 1 hour of ethics credit. The registration fee for the IMAA Annual Seminar is $110 for non-members and $65 for IMAA members. The IMAA membership fee is $35 annually. Essentially, your overall cost of attending the seminar as a member, including the membership fee, is less than the registration fee for attending the seminar as a non-member.
While the benefits of IMAA membership are unlimited, one of the most applauded benefits is the "Legalpad" email list service. Legalpad provides you access to advice from one of the best sources around: experienced city attorneys from across the state. An opinion on any question that you would like to pose is only fingertips away on Legalpad, and you can learn municipal law at a nuts-and-bolts level from the on-line “conversations” that frequently occur there. Legalpad is available through the access-controlled members area of this web site. 
IMAA membership would also entitle you to use the “members only” areas of the Iowa League of Cities web site (, including its “resources” page, which can be searched by topic and which allows you access to League publications and League special reports. As an IMAA member, you would also receive the Legislative Link, a periodic on-line publication of the League’s Governmental Affairs staff during the legislative session, providing weekly updates on legislation affecting cities as it proceeds through the legislative process.
The greatest benefit of IMAA membership, however, lies in the opportunity it gives municipal attorneys to make the acquaintance of and network with many other municipal law practitioners.

Membership Info

Annual membership is from January 1 to December 31. Members must be duly admitted to practice law in Iowa. Return completed application and check, payable to:

Iowa Municipal Attorneys Association
c/o Iowa League of Cities
500 SW 7th Street, Suite 101
Des Moines, IA 50309-4506

Download Membership Application​